Hosting Packages from Senderon

Senderon offers a range of hosting solutions to suit all business and individual needs from simple websites to advanced web applications. Simply choose the right package for you:

Setup Fees Free Free Free
Lease Fees £5/month £20/month from £50/month
OS Platform Windows / Linux Windows / Linux Windows / Linux
Web Space 500Mb 20Gb from 40Gb
ASP/PHP Enabled Yes Yes Yes
ASP.Net - Yes Yes
FTP Access Yes Yes Yes
Bandwidth 5Gb/month Unlimited Unlimited
DNS Management Yes  Yes  Yes
Free Domain Registration .com / .uk   .com & .uk -
Additional .uk Domain +£1.5/month +£1.50/month
Additional .com/.org Domain +£2.50/month +£2.50/month
Additional .ie Domain +£6/month +£6/month
Joomla Compatible Yes Yes Yes
Drupal Compatible Yes Yes Yes
Wordpress Compatible Yes Yes Yes
CAMS Compatible Yes Yes Yes
Online/Email Support


Yes Yes
Telephone Support Yes Yes Yes
150mb mySql Database +£5/month Included Included
150mb MS Sql Server Database +£7.50/month +£7.50/month from £0/month
Email Mailboxes Included 5 9 -
Additional Mailboxes/Forwarders +£12/year +£1/month
Mobile 'Push' No Yes  
Webmail Access Yes Yes (Secure)  
POP3 & IMAP Yes Yes (Secure)  
Outgoing SMTP No Yes (Secure)  
Mailbox Size 50mb ~8Gb  
Personal Calender No Yes  
Advanced Mailbox Upgrade
(priced per mailbox)
  • 1Gb Size Upgrade
  • Outgoing SMTP
£10/year N/A
Premium Email Upgrade
(priced per domain) 
  • 8Gb Size Upgrade
  • Secure Access
  • Personal Calendar
  • Team Collaboration
  • Contacts Directory
  • Sync to Mobile
£120/year Included
  Buy Standard Buy Premium Call