CAMS v3.0.4 Coming Soon (with a new surprise feature!)

Posted: 27/1/2011

It's now been 12 weeks since we released CAMS v3 and we couldn't be more pleased with the performance we've seen with every single site running the system.

However, the work never stops and we're now testing features for our next official release, and as well as some new configuration options for resellers and the scheduled news feature, we have another big addition.

We're pleased to announce that CAMS v3.0.4 will offer limited support our new CAMS e-commerce engine, CAMS Store.

Interfacing with both Paypal and Google Checkout, CAMS Store will instantly enable let you sell products directly off your fully optimised website without the headaches or expense of setting up payment gateways or merchant bank accounts.

We hope to have this latest update available by the start of February, but more importantly we expect to have the full CAMS Store interface ready for release in the next 3-4 weeks.

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