Senderon CAMS

Senderon CAMS is a generic web marketing framework providing a website with complete web standards compliance, dynamic content management system, news push publication, social network integration, website visitor analysis, CRM data capture system, E-commerce and more...

CAMS has been used by all in-house website projects since 2008 and is now used by many other website designers and design agencies as a base for their website deployments forming a key component of their online marketing strategies.

Senderon CAMS includes everything needed to get up and running and trumping your competitors online. Our process also allows for fully featured projects to be ready for content within an hour of first contact!

Contact Senderon for more info on CAMS and package options.

Full system demos are available on request.

White Label CMS - Reseller Enquiries Welcome

Senderon CAMS v3 is now available as a White-label Content Management System within our Reseller Network.

With the support of Senderon, graphic designers and IT professionals can now deploy websites of incredible quality, with their own bespoke visual designs, and a fully featured content publication system, without worrying about the technical aspects of domain registering, hosting, installing, configuration and testing a new off-the-shelf CMS driven website.

All that's required is to find your next client, produce a visual and enter the content via our WYSIWYG interface.

Contact Senderon for further information on Reseller Opportunities, including reseller pricing.