Senderon CAMS v3 Features

Core Features

  • Rapid Deployment Framework (Under 1 Hour Core Setup)
  • Skinable with Custom Bespoke Designs
  • W3 Standards Complaint
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Compliance with Web Accessibility Initiative (
  • Secure Administration Interface
  • Simple CMS Inferface for Non-Technical News and Content Publishers
  • Continual System Development
  • Custom Font Compatibility
  • Integrated Image Gallery Lightbox
  • Support for Multiple Tracking Accounts
  • Advanced Site Administration Controls
  • Automatic Legacy Landing Page Redirection (SEO Friendly)
  • Secure Users Administration Control Panel
  • Analytics Control Panel
  • SEO Friendly Support for multiple host domains (.com/

Dynamic Content Management System

  • Fully Featured Content Management System with SEO Control
    • Add up to 50,000 New Pages with Real Urls (not just id numbers!)
    • Tweak All Meta Tags
    • Dynamic Sitemap Creation (HTML & XML)

News System

  • Unlimited Categorised News Article Publication
  • Configurable Search Engine Data Feeds
  • Automated Social Network Distribution (Multiple Accounts Now Supported!)
  • Share to Social Buttons (Like / Tweet / Pin, etc...)
  • RSS Feeds
  • Built-in Mailing List Management with Automatic Newsletter Distribution
  • Article Scheduler
  • Password Protected User Access Options

Ecommerce System

  • Fully Featured Ecommerece System
  • Unlimited Categorised Product Listings
  • PCI Compliant Checkout System
    • Paypal Express Checkout
    • Stripe
    • Paypal Pro
    • Amazon Payments
    • MyGate
  • Support for Discount Vouchers
  • Promotional Codes
  • Time/Quality Limited Pricing Offers
  • Stock Control
  • Pre-Order

Events System

  • Unlimited Categorised Event Promotion
  • Eventbrite Ticket Sales Integartion

CRM System

  • Contact Management

Reseller Controls

  • Multiple Reseller Configuration Options



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