CAMS 3 Revision History

Senderon CAMS v3.0.3 - Currently In Development

Upcoming Features

  • News to Social Multiple Account Capability
  • Legacy Landing Page Redirection (SEO Friendly)
  • Updated Users Administration Control Panel
  • Updated Analytics Control Panel
  • New Simple CMS Inferface for News and Content Publishers

Senderon CAMS v3.0.2 - 22/12/2010

New Features

  • HTTP Transfer Compression Improvements
  • Further Administration Control Updates
  • Native HTML5 Rendering (with IE5.5-8 Compatibility)
  • Better support for high volume of concurrent users

Senderon CAMS v3.0.1 - 7/12/2010

New Features

  • Custom Font Compatibility
  • Integrated Image Gallery Lightbox
  • Support for Multiple Tracking Accounts
  • Advanced Site Administration Controls

Senderon CAMS v3.0 - 1/11/2010

Having established themselves as a key service provider and working directly with some of Northern Ireland's most successful SME's, the only option was to take a fresh look at what they had created and see if there were any improvements to be had. Firstly, Social Networking was now a key part of any complete marketing strategy, so we knew we had to integrate with these technologies. With more and more mobile devices now being used online, performance was as important as ever, and with many organisations concentrating on the hand's on part of their business, we knew that efficient use of time was critical.

The result was a major update to our system, enabling fast and effective updates with ease. We also addressed our deployment times and can now roll out a spanking new website in minutes, with a full project setup achievable in under an hour, whilst still ensuring the highest possible standards.

We also now offer CAMS as a White Label product to approved resellers, empowering them to concentrate on innovative visual design or content production, with the support of Senderon in managing all their technical requirements.

Feature List

  • Dynamic Content Management System with Automatic SEO
  • Social Network News Publication
  • Facebook Like Button
  • Twitter Retweet Button
  • RSS Feeds
  • Dynamic Sitemap Creation (HTML & XML)
  • SHA256 Secure Password Protection
  • Rapid Deployment Framework (1 Hour Setup)
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • jQuery Pre-Configured
  • ie6 Transparent Png Compatibility
  • Incredibly Simple Secure Administration Interface
  • Continual System Development

Senderon CAMS v2 - Jan 2009 - The Ultimate SEO CMS

CAMS v2 was the result of our Content Management System development, along with adding additional features and improving user accessibility in both the front end website and back end administration system.

A ground-breaking and quite innovative product, CAMS v2 allowed quick deployment, ensured standards compliance and provided maximum SEO for the content within a website.

Over the following 2 years, CAMS became the product that lifted Senderon to the forefront of innovative web marketing project deployment and the top of the web design game. Achieving amazing search engine performance for a low budget system proved exactly what small businesses and organisations around the world had been looking for.

Senderon CAMS v1 - May 2008

Having rebranded as Senderon (see our about us section for more information on this), and focusing on offering high quality managed solutions, the WMS system was completely rewritten with Search Engine Optimisation in mind. Only intended as an internal tool for deploying our clients web marketing projects, we quickly realised we'd actually developed something quite special, and late in 2008 went back to the drawing board to enable client management by converting CAMS to a Full Content Management System.

NWWebs WMS - Early 2003

Originally developed for several NWW clients requiring dynamic control over their website and other browser based systems, the NWW Web Management System was a ground breaking product enabling non-technical clients to maintain their own content and store in a database rather than constantly maintaining static html files.

Used for many years, NWW WMS formed the base of hundreds of websites developed by the NWW team, and loosely forms the base of what became Senderon CAMS.