Covid-19 Update

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been forced to implement a few changes to our regular working practice with immediate effect. As many of our custoeemr will know, my eldest daughter Chloe, suffers from a genetic condition known as Phelan McDermid Syndrome. As a result, she requires 24 hour care and during this pandemic, all our childcare and healthcare options have been withdrawn and as such, I'm currently unable to work for any sort of reasonable period and to ensure continuation of service we are prioritising are service offering as follows:

  1. Infrastructure Management and Support
  2. Business Critical Updates and Technical Support for our Existing Clients
  3. Correspondance
  4. Development on WIP Projects
  5. All other business activities

I know many of our customers may feel let down, but this situation is not something we'd ever considered or planned for, much like most other businesses right now worldwide, and we will be counting on your support and understanding for our survival.

Regretably, all 'new business' enquiries are suspended until further notice. We already have a massive backlog of work and this step is to ensure we can maintain our service and help our customers, many of which are restaraunts, clinics, and other face-to-face service providers, through this most difficult of times. Also, we simply don't have any time to consider other activites.

Thank you for your understanding and I hope to see things return to normal later in the year.

Aaron / Senderon


Currently processing enquiries from week commencing Monday 4th May.

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For urgent issues, please contact

For all other enquiries, please use email only at

 Last updated: 18/5/2020