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Posted: 23/5/2008

Since April 2000, Aaron MacQuarrie, along with his partners at NWWebs have been offering traditional domain, hosting and website services to local businesses and organistations and indeed some far beyond Northern Ireland.

Now, as of today, we've rebranded, restructured, reorganised and rebooted with a fresh outlook on what we want to offer.

NWWebs will remain as is, but Senderon 'Web Marketing' will now focus on Content Management and longer-term client support support services.

We've choosen the phrase 'Web Marketing' as that's really what we're all about. A website isn't something that gets ticked off the list, but should be considered an ever-evolving marketing tool, and that's exactly where we hope to offer a unique service.

Senderon CAMS is the name of our new Content Management System, allowing us to deploy high technical quality and visually attractive websites at a fraction of the time or cost normally associated with projects at this level.

In contrast to existing open-source systems like WordPress, CAMS doesn't have lots of plugin's or themes. Instead, it simply provides a framework for uncomplicated content publication and bespoke customisation of the end-user experience.

Anyway, we hope to bring you much more info on CAMS and our service offering as the system progresses to release candidate stages so stay tuned!

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