We've finally updated our own website!

Posted: 5/12/2010

Senderon has now been on the go now for 2.5 years, and with the public beta release of CAMS v3 last month, we've been getting alot of attention from new customers, resellers, graphics designers and others in related fields. However, I don't think our previous website really did us much justice at all, and since we generally keep a low profile, this was all they had to go on. Not good as we all know, first impressions are vital!

Based on our original CAMS system from 2008, our old site did the job well of getting our fresh brand name on the web and well into the search engine listings, but maintenance took time, and the all important site content was neglected as time spent on ourselves was time not being spent looking after our clients, and they're the ones that matter to us.

Anyway, with the release of CAMS v3 we knew that maintenance was now simple and quick and we had to showcase our own products and start maintaining an interactive web presence as we grow.

To showcase the best of our system, on Senderon.com we're using the standard CAMS 3 column layout, a standard skin tweaked with an orange and white colour scheme and the lorim ipsum text overlayed in the background and suprisingly, even to us, the core website took just under 3 minutes to get up and running and serve it's first page, albeit without any content.

An hour later or so later and we'd published all our required pages of content and had integrated our News module with both our Facebook and Twitter accounts. The sitemaps had been registered with GoogleYahoo and Bing, and we could get back to looking after client projects.

Just 6 hours later in the day, we checked with Google and our website had been re-indexed and was now listing even higher than before on some of the key terms we were targeting. We used to quote clients a propagation period of at least a month. What a result!

Hopefully, before the new year we'll find a few quiet moments and we can get a few graphics together and make the site a bit more attractive. Stay tuned!

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