Personalised Email Services

Our personalised email services are perfect for anyone wanting a customised email address.

Senderon Basic Email Package - £1/month

  • POP3 Access
  • Webmail Interface

Senderon Standard Email Package - £2.50/month

  • 2Gb per mailbox
  • POP3/IMAP Access
  • Outgoing SMTP
  • Webmail Interface

Senderon G Suite Email Package - £5/month*

Our best selling package!

  • 30Gb per mailbox
  • Secure POP3/IMAP Access
  • Secure Outgoing SMTP
  • Secure Webmail Interface
  • Full Gmail/Google Docs/Calendar Interface
  • Mobile Compatible (iPhone/Android/Symbian/Blackberry)
  • Upgradable to 100Gb, 1Tb, up to 30Tb

* Admin Required.