Senderon Reseller Package

In 2011, Senderon released CAMS v3, along with our skin creation and site optimisation services to third party resellers.

We're already working with freelance Graphic Designers, IT Consultants, and even other website designers and brand design agencies who want to improve their own product range, or outsource their online development services.

Since it's redevelopment as a Content Management System in 2008, Senderon CAMS has continually proven to be one of the best performing Search Optimised CMS packages available, outperforming the very popular Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress systems that many other developers choose as their framework.

By partnering with Senderon and choosing CAMS v3 you gain a fully managed online framework whilst we take care of all the other technical requirements including:

  • Domain Registration
  • Site Hosting
  • Server and System Update Management
  • Email Services
  • Product Support
  • ...and a very efficient service

Our Reseller scheme pricing also leaves a healthy profit margin for you, assuming you choose to reflect our standard RRP, but we impose no restrictions on how you choose to resale or what additional services you may wish to offer your clients.

For those not wanting to manage clients directly, we also have an Affiliate Scheme offering commissions on direct CAMS sales.

Contact Senderon for further details on our Reseller and/or Affiliate Schemes.